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Turbo Soak-Back Pumps


Turbo soak-back pumps are used for turbocharger lubrication and cooling immediately upon engine shutdown, avoiding expensive and unnecessary turbocharger failures. It functions as a turbo pre-lube pump as well providing vital protection during startup.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for frequent start/stop cycles (AESS)
  • Brushless induction motors eliminate the cost and downtime of regular brush replacement
  • DC power input
  • Liquid-cooled electronics to prevent heat-related failures
  • Continuously lubricated, self-cleaning bearings for better and more consistent performance over the life of the product
  • Hardened pump body and gears maximize longevity
  • Capacity 13 LPM (3.5 GPM), differential pressure of 2.8 bar (40 PSI)
  • Other sizes and voltages on request
  • Can double as an engine pre-lube pump or turbo pre-lube pump

Paragon Products soak-back pumps are designed for a maintenance -free life of 10 years on heavy-duty equipment.

Turbo Soak-Back Pump Models Part Number
Soak-back Oil Pump, 3.5-gpm at 40-psi, 74 VDC Input (AESS) 63068-9
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