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Fuel Transfer Pumps Overview

Diesel Engine Fuel Transfer Pumps

Our diesel engine fuel transfer pumps are designed on the same platform as our rugged locomotive pumps. They accommodate flow rates in the range of 2 LPM to 60 LPM (0.5 GPM - 16 GPM) in both mechanical and electric-driven mounting.

Locomotive Fuel Transfer Pumps

Paragon Products is the leader in high-value, electric-powered, diesel engine fuel transfer pumps. They are designed for a 10-year service life with no required maintenance under normal operating conditions. They accommodate flow rates of 2 LPM up to 60 LPM (0.5 GPM - 16 GPM).

Locomotive Aftermarket Pumps

Paragon Products makes pumps for all diesel-powered locomotives including GE, EMD, ALCO, etc. Please contact us, or your regional representative for replacement locomotive fuel pumps.

Patented Design

Paragon Product Fuel Pumps use a patented design to provide a 10-year life with no maintenance under normal conditions. This design eliminates the most common modes of failure; there are no dynamic seals, greased bearings or motor brushes to wear out.


OEM Solutions

Paragon Products' patented solutions can be adapted to meet an array of OEM challenges that are unique to diesel engine fuel transfer and lubrication applications...


Engineering Services

World-class diesel engine manufacturers depend on Paragon specialists to provide exceptional expertise in fluid management engineering…