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Diesel Engine Coolant Pumps


Many diesel coolant pumps use 30 to 50 year old designs and do not accommodate modern failure prevention techniques. Paragon has developed a series of coolant pumps designed to prevent all common failure modes using proven techniques.

Features and Benefits
  • 10-year service life
  • No routine maintenance, except periodic oil level checks
  • Perfectly configured shaft seal
    • Balanced seal reduces seal face load, which extends life
    • Seal flush system removes debris from the seal chamber
    • Seal cooling system prevents damaging high- temperature conditions
    • Corrosion-resistant seal materials
  • Balanced hydraulic system minimizes load on bearings
  • Very high capacity bearings designed to outlive the pump
  • Serviceable non-contact oil seal for reliability and lowering total cost of ownership
  • Efficiency > 80%

OEM Solutions

Paragon Products' patented solutions can be adapted to meet an array of OEM challenges that are unique to diesel engine fuel transfer and lubrication applications...

Engineering Services

World-class diesel engine manufacturers depend on Paragon specialists to provide exceptional expertise in fluid management engineering…